Naomi & Justin – The Missions 1937 – Gunderman

Please click on photos to view. Wedding photos of Naomi & Justin – The Missions 1937 – Gunderman

Lauren & Steven – Engagement shoot – Ballast Point Park

Please click on the photos for better resolution. This is one of the most coolest locations for an intimate engagement shoot! As it happens, our stunning couple, Steven and Lauren went out for the day for their engagement shoot. They were surrounded by breathtaking views in Ballast Point Park, Birchgrove. It was a sunny day filled with lots of giggles and smiles for the couple. What a great way to start the day, with water views and luscious greenery.  Ballast […]

Stephanie & Tom – Palm Beach Sydney

Please click on the photos to view. Stephanie & Tom – Palm Beach Sydney.

Karina & Tyronne – Starship Sydney

Please click on the photos for better resolution. If you like the idea of an outdoor wedding, with all your guests huddled together, then the Starship Sydney is a great idea for you! Karina and Tyronne had their big day celebrations on the Starship Sydney.  Surrounded by breathtaking 360degree views of the Sydney Harbour, which isn’t something you will find in your “normal” venue. Karina, Tyronne and Guests had the joyful experience of sightseeing from the top of the vessel, […]


BEST WEDDING PHOTO LOCATIONS IN SYDNEY   We all want to look the best on our wedding day. That includes the environment, in which we’re being photographed. And even though there are more important things on your wedding day than the location itself – such as having lots of fun with your family and your bridal party – the site of your wedding photo shoot can also play a significant role. So, we put together a short list of what […]

Michelle & Ollie Wedding Photos – Lilianfels Blue Mountains – Lincoln’s Rock

Please click on the photos for better resolution. Thinking about taking some fascinating wedding photos on the edge? Michelle and Ollie took some impressive wedding photos at Lincoln’s Rock, which appear as though you’re sitting literally on the edge of a cliff. Lillianfels Blue Mountains – Lincoln’s Rock Was named after a mountaineer named Lincoln Hall. It is an area that has stunning views of the valleys that change colour during the day as the sun and clouds move. Michelle […]

Shirlyn & Tolga @ Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf & Paddington Reservoir

Please click the photos to view larger images. Shirlyn and Tolga had a fantastic variety of pictures taken on their wedding day. They had their wedding location shoot at Paddington Reservoir Gardens, followed by a wonderful wedding party at the Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf. The newly wedded couple strolled through the immaculate gardens of Paddington Reservoir and took some extraordinary photos. The wedding day was full of laughter and sentimental moments. One moment to dwell upon is the night […]

Jasmina & Almir @ Centennial Park Sydney

Please click to view better resolution photos. Nature is a getaway from everyday noise, and the ability to spend time with the one you love. Jasmina and Almir had the chance to take some heartfelt engagement pictures in the heart of Centennial Park Sydney. They were surrounded by beauty of nature, and the unforgettable scenery. Centennial Park covers 360 hectares of land, and is surrounded by 15,000 trees, beautiful flowers, wildlife and a pond. The soon to be married couple […]

Jessica & Leigh Wedding Photos @ Dotone House Jones Bay Wharf The Loft

Please click on photos for better resolution. Our lively couple Jessica and Leigh were captured in some special photos on their wedding day at the Doltone House- Jones Bay Wharf -The Loft. They shared their valuable moments together and with their bridal party.  The venue allowed the couple to capture sentimental pictures with the harbour bridge background, with the sunset highlighting the water and some gorgeous night shots. Jessica and Leigh had a ball while entering their reception surrounded by […]

Thirusha & Tony – Ravensthorpe Albion Park

Please click on photos for better resolution. Thirusha and Tony are spotted in the beautiful 19th century home at the Ravensthorpe in Albion Park.  Ravensthrope is a wonderful location, near Wollongong and Kiama, to enjoy wedding day celebrations, within the small French chateau. Thirusha and Tony are seen taking some lovely shots in the heritage gardens, with the vibrant sun giving them a unique glow. The couple shared lots of emotional and happy moments, together. A moment to reflect on […]